The Foundation was created to honor James P. and Debra Fitzgerald Healy by their ten children with the help of their dedicated spouses and close friends. James and Debra have selflessly dedicated the last thirty years to educating their children. With a deep appreciation for learning, they firmly believe the foundation of a quality education should be the legacy they leave their sons and daughters. Without the benefit of college degrees themselves, both are determined to provide their children with the gift of excellent educations: a gift their children will forever possess and a gift which Jim and Debra envision will manifest itself for the good of others.

Their vision would not be easily accomplished, but Jim and Debra have never lost focus. As a school custodian and a nighttime deliveryman, Jim works countless hours to provide the financial means necessary to support a family of twelve while supplementing the cost of ten educations.  He serves as a paramount example of honorable work ethic for his children to emulate. Debra “holds down the fort” as she works her way through reams of financial aid paperwork and myriad school visits all the while fostering an infectious atmosphere for the love of learning inside their home. James and Debra’s unwavering commitment to education has not only inspired their children to establish this foundation but also serves as a continual reminder of the challenges which parents willingly confront to provide their children with “the gift of education.”

The Foundation’s mission is to celebrate the spirit of Jim and Debra for the years to come and to offer funds to support students and their families striving to share in that lifelong “gift of education.”