Any student encountering unexpected financial hardship (such as parental unemployment or a family member diagnosed with severe illness) must not only deal with the adversity but also continue advancing her own life and achievements. It's an unenviable position for any person, but unfortunately, low-income students face the burden of navigating additional complexities due to financial constraints. High-performing, low-income students who encounter unexpected financial hardship risk disrupting their academic progress and obscuring their pathway to financial security. 

The Healy Foundation provides financial assistance to help our scholars complete their collegiate studies. Additionally, we provide mentorship and career management resources to ensure our scholars successfully launch into their professional lives.

The Healy Foundation is wholly funded through the generosity of donors like you. 100% of your donations are used for scholarship funds as the Healy Foundation's Board covers the administrative expenses of our organization.  We raise funds throughout the year, and if you are interested in contributing, please click on the DONATE link below.  Thank you for your support!   



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